The Practice of Differentiating Simplified Chinese Wikipedia and Traditional Chinese Wikipedia has been banned for long in China Mainland. People are getting annoyed and irritated by the unaccessibleness to this infamous wiki site. It’s supposed to have a way out, they claim. So it comes: to differentiate the Simplified Chinese version and the Traditional Chinese version. Well, it sounds reasonable, Google and Yahoo! set examples, didn’t they?! But, not wikipedia.

It’s not practical to make Chinese audience access wikipedia by simply compromise to the Chinese commie government, not at all. Mainly, 2 reasons:

  • Who will actually need a censored and biased version of wikipedia? Compromising to the government means to remove the items the government doesn’t like and to modify certain items according to the government principles which may cause biases and incorrectness. All these things that abovementioned harm the usability of wikipedia. The fickleness of Chinese government is so widely-known that you would never be aware of what is “sensitive” and what is okay to talk about. It’s not practical to hire someone as the official of Simplified Chinese Wikipedia to receive the calls from anonymous callers who command him to remove or delete some sentences or items. It’s not practical that, of the editors side, there would be too many works need to be done to satisfy the government’s desire without the government being 100 persent satisfied.
  • The government would never ever let kinds of form like wiki exist as long as they can’t fully control them. Yahoo! and Google are not exceptions, but examples. Their servers are both in China mainland (Yahoo! and Google here are exactly Chinese Yahoo! and Chinese Google), which is available to call the person in charge to remove whatever the government dislike and track down whoever does not follow their orders. By such reasons, their businesses go well and smoothly in China. Wikipedia, I have to say, can’t put its server into China shortly (hopefully), because of which it will sure be banned.
  • I’m eager to discuss any ideas that would be useful to let all the Chinese view prohibited sites freely, but not such kind of compromising and self-censoring.


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