How’d We Lost Our Freedom of Journalism

Double-clicking the shortcut icon of, I started my day of all in all work. This piece of news, for sure, makes today a normal. Obviously, being indifferent to human rights and stuporous to basic freedom are the elementary parts of Chinese daily life.

It’s about a story of state-owned newspaper Guilin Daily in Guangxi Province, Southern China. It exposed some widely-known facts of fraud by the local tourist guide with 9 cases to demostrate them. It also quoted some complaint letters of tourists from Yunnan and Hubei Province.

It seems to be absolutely okay, if not, until the local government interferes with claiming that this un-suited report brought a terribly bad reputation to the torism of Guilin city. Thus, they, namely the government, demand a reclaim to the piece of news and an apology from the reporter. Also, some personnels whom employed as guides or so are keeping on visiting the relating officials to require some explaination and clarification.

The result? Hmm… the reporter as well as the newspaper declared in their 7th page yesterday saying that “we, as our report was indeed un-suited and badly reputed the local torism fame, so as it is, apologise publicly.” Cheers.


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