Planning to do

Maybe one of my friend was right when she cited that I’m not kind of guy who could stick on one specific job for a long time. I intend to change careers frequently, without thinking much more than freshness. Others could say that I am abnormal or whatever out of it, but I am.

I’m tired of the manager position with pretending to be busy in front of my boss and I am sick of it. I hate being working in a family enterprise since which I need to follow the requests from those stupid offspring of my boss. I’m working for you does not qualify that I work for your damn holy daughter too! Can you dig this?! Hmm.. guess I need to take a rest.

I can read some books in the mean time, money’s not a big deal right now. I need to improve my English actually, I still encounter new vocabs sometimes, and it embarrasses me, a lot.

The necklace would reach me soon, probably in one or two days and I get my jade Buddha sent by my girlfriend. What all I care about is my girlfriend, nothing else. Simple is good, right?

Simple is good.


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