What About Your English?

I talked with Znarl, the person in charge of Ubuntu Mirror, this afternoon. He praised me as my English’s good. I was kind of stuck and confused at that moment, since I’d never dreamed that my English could somehow be qualified as “good”.

It reminded me my QET test, hardly to believe that I failed all of them and I did! I hate English, especially the grammar, I can’t handle it. I feel difficult to compose an argument article, and I…blah blah blah. See? I can’t even make this post a little bit longer! Darn me, darn my English!


More and More Chinese

I found myself being more and more Chinese by staying within the nation for one plus year. I am refering the habits that I profoundly nurtured. I now have to take a siesta after lunch, doesn’t it say something?

Well, of course I AM Chinese, I am just enjoying the way of being it, hehe.