What you say about this?! I so envy him, coz I stay in Hebei Province of China for 23 years, and I’ve never been to the infamous Summer Palace! Maybe it’s time for me to think about it.


MIT Would Be My Choice

Oh, I know some of yo may think that I was trying to make some fun, but actually I was not. I am seriously targeting MIT as my next university to study in though I’ve already gained my bachelor degree in my previous school. I am gonna apply for being a freshman in MIT, and for you all know, I am gonna to take the computer science as my major.

So, friends from US, do you have some suggestions and tips on it? Do I necessarily take SAT test and SAT II as well?

According to Americanism, those who dreams and works for the dream, would finally make the dreams come true. Am I right? My dream, of curse not only to get into a univ, will also come true one day. I can see it, haha, yes, I can see it.

Ah.. let me be encouraged, come on!

Zooomr Rocks

Don’t know how many of you are using Zooomr as your default photo hosting currently, I love this rocking site very much. Since it’s free and yeah, free. It provides unlimited storage and bandwidth. The only pitfall that I would like to point out is, for international users (well, some of us), it’s connection speed is intolerably slow!