Google Blogger Under Maintenance

I tried to log in Google Blogger just now to edit my old posts, but I was returned a under-maintenance page!

Google Blogger出?題了

I’m expecting it having more new features such as categories after the God damnned maintenance.

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  1. Fred McJohn · September 30, 2005

    I think you should use that valuable downtime to move your website to 🙂

  2. Fermi · September 30, 2005

    I’ve already done so, LOL.

  3. 我爱妞妞 · September 30, 2005

    T- the Blogger has less features than WordPress, I think the blogger is more easy to use than WordPress at present. So you have no need of moving your Blogger site to WordPress. Hehe

  4. Fermi · September 30, 2005

    More easy to use in what? Well, I prefer wordpress a little bit more, since it’s hard for me to config the setting in Blogger while it is simple in WordPress.

  5. Fred McJohn · September 30, 2005

    Simple, yet detailed. Great stuff.

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