Number of Indexed Pages

It seems that Google has cancelled the decision of not to talk to C|net, since Google’s CEO himself just finished an interview with the C|net staff writer.

During the interview, Google’s CEO announced that Google will stop providing on its search page a quantity of pages indexed, which previously was listed as 8 billion. It’s smart for them to do so! ‘coz as a user, an addictor of internet, when I wanna search something using a certain search engine, I would not care about how many pages it could come out as search results. The only thing I care about is whether it can bring me what I really want.

Well, true that Google is the most frequently used search engine of me, not because it’s large number of indexed pages:

In a random test, using the search terms “Joe Schmoe” and “pickles,” Google returned 451 results, Yahoo returned 62 results, MSN returned 60 results and Ask Jeeves returned 54 results.

I’ve clarified myself that it do is because Google can always give me what I want. I don’t blind worship Google though. As when I wanna watch some porns or anything relating sex I sure would choose the infamous Chinese search engine Baidu instead of any others, by the same reason. And never use Baidu to search some keywords like “Democracy” or “Liberty”, as long as you don’t want to be returned an error of server.

Conclusion: what the hell to do with me that Google has the most results when searching the same keywords than other search engines!

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  1. Fermi · September 28, 2005

    My English sucks hard…God damnned…

  2. zhyfng · September 28, 2005

    Google的索引?确实?常的大,实在难以想象它是怎么?组织数?的。?Google毫无疑问的会泄露??,任何?索引擎都?会例外。我觉得记者的?法确实?对,?应该去专门的?索特定人(比如Google CEO)的??,??能?明它泄露了就?以了。呵呵

  3. Fermi · September 28, 2005

    嗬嗬,的确,我也?太赞?那个记者Google Google CEO的举动。

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