Chinese Instrument

For those of you who never attended a Chinese Orchestra Concert, I’d like to share with you a piece of music. This is conducted by Chinese instrument, which was called Ruan (阮), played by my girlfriend. Enjoy!

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  1. china · September 29, 2005

    how you add the Technorati Tags?? In the custom fields?? and get a plugins??

  2. Fermi · September 29, 2005

    Put these codes into your Firefox bookmarks or IE favorites:

    javascript:(function(){var a=”;var t=prompt(‘Enter Tags:’,”);var tr=t.split(‘ ‘);a+=’Technorati Tags: ‘;for(var i=0;i 0){a+=’, ‘;}a+=’‘+tr[i]+’‘;}a+=”;prompt(‘Copy this code, press OK, then paste to your blog entry:’,a);})()

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