Thanks to my friend haospoke who invited me, that finally I may blog here without being banned from China Mainland (previously, I was using the Google Blogger, which can’t be viewed as it was banned by Great Firewall of China). I was planning to boost my English blog here with talking about news and stuff relating to China and some internet news as well. For anyone who could read Simplified Chinese, you may expect to visit my Chinese blog (surely welcome to do so.), which is also powered by WordPress.

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  1. Fermi · September 27, 2005

    There are so many sites were banned from China…including Blogger, Blogsome,, Foreign Medias’ Websites,Taiwanese websites, Falungong Websites, Google Cache, …etc. which was out of imagination of human beings. I’m so amazed living in China, LOL.

    BTW, a Singapore based Chinese Newspaper was just banned from China, since the Chinese ruling party could hardly control it. Once they can’t control it, they ban it.

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