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It was written on UDN Daily, that:

行政院新聞局維護台灣主權,連顏色也計較! 最新一期時代雜誌專題報導中國經濟崛起,插圖中台灣與中國的顏色一樣是土黃色,新聞局長姚文智責令我國駐外單位,去函時代雜誌紐約總社及香港分社要求更正,強調「台灣不是中國的一部分」,請社方避免類似混淆狀況發生。

China mainland had ever showed it’s anger to Japan for demostrating Taiwan and China with different color on the map, from which we can see that both Taiwan and China are doing boring nonsense samely. But sure Taiwan had done it better, coz I talked with so many foreigners, none of them admit Taiwan is part of China!

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